Primitive Bow Making 2-Day Intensive: October 25th -26th, 2014

Join primitive skills instructor Jim Robertson for this two day workshop connecting with nature, each other, and our collective human heritage as we learn how to hand craft a self bow as the native Southern Californian people did.

The advent of archery marked a technological leap for humankind that began at least 10,000 years ago and quite possibly up to 64,000 years ago and that is still widely used today.

The bow and arrow was universally considered one of the quintessential survival tools among many, if not most, of ancient peoples around the globe. Hunters and warriors alike depended on their ability to craft, use, and maintain their bows to defend and provide for their families.

In this class, you will reconnect with the ancestral knowledge of handcrafting a self bow from the materials that nature provides.

You will learn:
  • The different properties of wood from native trees
  • How to select and harvest a bow stave
  • How native Southern California people fashioned and used bows
  • Efficient use of simple and portable tools to hand craft a field ready bow within hours
  • How to finish and protect your bow using common and easy to obtain materials
  • To hand twine a bowstring from natural and synthetic materials
  • The fundamentals of stalking and moving silently in the wild
This is a two day intensive class with the option of a back country camp out
in the beautiful Big Tujunga wilderness.

Class is limited to 10 students so early sign-up is highly recommended.

Class Date: Saturday & Sunday, October 25th (10am-5pm) – 26th (10am – 2pm), 2014

Early Bird Registration (ends October 15th): …… $99 
Standard Registration……………………………………….$114 
*Additional details, including directions and what to bring, will be provided
after sign up below.

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